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Ellen (EJ) Murphy

Medicare Solutionist

Are you 64, about to turn 65, and on your way to becoming a Medicare beneficiary?  Perhaps, you are already 65 and you have Medicare Part A but you aren't sure what do next or what options are available?  Maybe, you waited to retire til you were 66 and you now have Medicare Part B and you want to know what options you have through Medicare when you retire?

We serve your Medicare needs. 

over 65

Medicare is uncharted territory for most of the 10,000 people who come into the program each day.  It’s not a minefield exactly, but lurking in the undergrowth are pitfalls and traps that can be costly unless people take care to dodge them.

It’s important to know your enrollment period so you always have health care coverage.  You can enroll or change Medicare Advantage or Part D plans at least once a year, typically during your Initial Enrollment Period or the Open Enrollment Period.  Medicare supplement plans have different rules about enrolling.

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